Album Release Show! (streaming)

join us this sunday!

we recorded a live little show together. we figured, since our solo records came out the same day, and we're both wearing yellow shirts, we should do a dual release show! tune in sunday at 5pm…


Been A While

Many many things in the works.

New COYOTE BROTHER record is being finished as we speak! - more announcements to come.

GO TO THE SHOWS PAGE for Italian tour dates with my lovely dear friends - The Yearlings…


This coming Sunday Coyote Brother will be traipsing down to LaSalle, IL to sing and tell stories.

Both J Hardin and I have had new editions to our families in the last couple of months so come check us…

Black Friday Show

Along with all of the release hoopla for Pretenders, my annual Cafe Carpe - Black Friday show is coming up on November 24th.

This year, things will be a little different. J Hardin and I will split the first…


Good Times.

Coffee in the morning.

Glad someone got that right... Daughters screaming and or singing while Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker blares in the backround.  Everyone is just trying to make it to lunch on Monday. 

Great show at Crescendo in Madison…



this is my new web site! More to come.